About Crown Realty Experts

Greater Nashville Area Real Estate Services

Crown Realty Homes started primarily as a buyer's agency company, and transitioned into a listing company as the company's former buyers started to sell. In 1998, they started to work with investors that bought property for the purpose of resale, and this gave birth to REO sales! Through the vast connections made, Crown Realty Homes started to work for various banks and asset management companies.

It is Crown Realty Homes' company policy that agents not buy properties that they personally list. This way they never have to deal with a conflict of interest. Their experience in real estate investments has equipped them with the knowledge of both what corporate sellers want, and what buyers need.

Since their office has worked extensively in the REO field, they have been fortunate enough to be involved in doing BPOs, and working with asset managers at all levels to dispose of REO properties with the highest possible return in minimal time. From occupancy reports to "cash for keys", evictions, assisting with environmental evaluations and obtaining reports, property management, testifying as an expert witness, marketing and sales, they do it all! With a team of agents available for open houses and showings, Crown Realty Homes can concentrate on direct communication and satisfying their clients - YOU!